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Augmentierte Benutzung des Gleises durch Optimierung der Instandhaltung, Allokation und Inspektion Eisenbahnnetze

Projektbearbeiter: Federico Grasso Toro
Auftraggeber: European Commision
Projektpartner: ProRail,
Network Rail Infrastructure Ltd,
Deutsche Bahn AG,
Knowledge Management & Transfer Ltd. (KM&T),
Damill AB,
The University of Birmingham,
Luleå University of Technology,
Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt (DLR),
Vossloh AG,
European Federation of Railway Trackworks Contractors (EFRTC),
international Union of Railways (UIC),
Association of the European Rail Industry (UNIFE)

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In order to be effective in introducing more rail freight to a network, the Infrastructure Manager must provide more capacity at an acceptable level of reliability.  This means that, in all likelihood, the network will require more, rather than less, maintenance ? because increased freight makes a large difference to the lifetime of the assets in terms of load cycles, since freight usually has a much higher axle load than passenger traffic. The challenge is, therefore to address the need to do more maintenance in less time.  Automation is crucial to the way Infrastructure Managers will deal with this need.  By using innovative inspection and maintenance methods, higher-speed maintenance will become possible and create the opportunity to accept more freight onto the network.  In many cases, these methods will use high-technology solutions and automation to speed the process. These automated solutions need to not only do the job of their predecessors in less time, but also do it better.  As the used capacity of a railway nears its theoretical maximum, the infrastructure will need to be more reliable than ever before, since the consequences of delays will be greatly magnified.